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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Missing Links – The Symbolic Species II

In continuation of last years conference The Symbolic Species, the University of Copenhagen and the University of Aarhus will be hosting a new conference titled Missing Links.

Missing Links will focus on what differentiates mankind from other closely related mammals and how we in different areas have developed as a species. Among the topics discussed will be: the development of language, the development of society and nations, the development of logical and abstract thinking, the development of Theory of mind and the development of moral and ethical judgement.

Invited speakers:

Professor Terrence Deacon, Berkeley, USA
Dr. Irene Pepperberg, The Alex Foundation, USA
Professor Göran Sonnesen, Lunds Universitet, Sweden
Professor Jim Hufford, Edinburgh, Scotland
Professor Kathleen Gibson, University of Texas, USA
Professor Tom Ziemke, Skövde, Sweden
Dr. Thomas Bugnyar, Konrad Lorenz Institute, Austria
Dr. Andreas Roepstorff, Aarhus Universitet, Denmark
Professor Richard Byrne, University of St. Andrews, Scotland
Professor Peter Harder, Københavns Universitet, Denmark

Price: 400 Dkkr., students 200 Dkkr.


Time: 22. og 23. november 2007, 9.00 – 17.00

Place: Carlsberg Akademi, Gamle Carlsbergvej 15, Valby (Copenhagen)

For further information please contact

1 comment:

Eric said...

Cool! Are there any other conferences attended exclusively by members of other species where they explore how they differ from mankind? :)