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Friday, January 15, 2010

List of Organizations Providing Direct Relief to Haiti

Our chancellor sent us this list of organizations providing direct relief to Haiti (via the Association of International Education Administrators). Or if you are interested in helping immediately, then you can text "HAITI" to "90999" and a donation of $10 will be given automatically to the Red Cross to help with relief efforts. Or text "YELE" to "501501" and a donation of $5 will be given automatically to Yele Haiti to help with relief efforts. The transactions will be charged to your cell phone bill (via Chancellor Tom George).

Action Against Hunger
American Red Cross
Beyond Borders
Direct Relief International
Doctors Without Borders
International Medical Corps
International Relief Teams
Meds and Food for Kids
Mercy Corps
Operation USA
Oxfam America
Partners in Health
Save the Children
Stop Hunger Now
World Concern
Yele Haiti

Monday, January 04, 2010

Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Day Scam

Mel, Angie and I got a text from someone we don't know. We decided to play along, by which we mean that we completely ignored standard grammar and spelling conventions and adapted to the guy's favorite topics. We attempted a teenage equivalent of a Turing test. The guy is under the impression that he is texting a male friend. Here is how the dialogue went:

Nathan (the name comes up later): I am completly gay guys just to let you know

Us: Congratulations! Who are you?

Nathan: Lol this is nathan ryan patient sent that

Us: How is your patient? Happy new year (explanation: we parsed this wrong. We thought his name was Nathan Ryan and that his patient sent it)

Nathan: What

Us: Sorry I forgot about that. Long day of drinking. How is he doing anyways. LOL

Nathan: Good i guess lol

Us: What did you do for new year's lol

Nathan: Hung out wit him got high

Us: Do you have pictures?

Nathan: No why

Us: Sorry I thought it was a party or something. So he stole yr phone?

Nathan: Ya lol and sent that to almost everyone on it

Us: OMG, that's so funny. LOL. New year's resolution?

Nathan: No dont have one hbu

Us: Get high more often

Nathan: Cool thats a good one

Us: What are you guys doing tonite?

Nathan: Nuthen sitting hear

Us: Is Ryan there?

Nathan: No if went good

Nathan: I ment home

Us: Going over there later?

Nathan: No

Us: Was there anyone else there yest. New year's hook-up? LOL

Nathan: No it was gay we couldn't find anywhere to go

Us: I hooked up w the hottest shit ever omfg (explanation: we are trying to find out what sex we are. 'Shit' is gender-neutral. We are hoping he would respond with 'who was she?' or 'who was he?')

Nathan: Cool who was it

Us: I don't even know there name wuz

Nathan: Lol thats awesome

Us: How is John doing? (Explanation: we were trying to get more information out of him)

Nathan: Jhon who

Us: I fucking forget his last name, but u remember that one time, that was so funny

Nathan: No what time lol

Us: Can't believe you don't remember, you were so fucked up, omg that fucker is so funny

Nathan: Lol that might be why I cant remember lol what happend

Us: Omg you puked so hard, it was hillarious is Ryan still hanging w that hot blond chick? (Explanation: we saw a facebook picture of some Ryan Patient but it wasn't even his)

Nathan: Idk

Us: Man she was hot. What's up tomorrow?

Nathan: Practice

Us: Cool, where? (Explanation: we are trying to figure out which kind of practice)

Nathan: School

Us: Shit oh right, what's up after that?

Nathan: Idk hbu

Us: Heard about a party, not sure yet, wanna go?

Nathan: Ya sure

Us: Wanna smoke a fat blunt

Nathan: Ya

Us: Do you still c what her face

Nathan: What

Us: John told me y hooked w sm hottie, but prob he just being gay

Nathan: Ya lol if is

Us: Can't believe y didn't get any last night, WTF

Nathan: Lol

Us: What happened at last practice?

Nathan: Nuthen we went longer than the jv but all we did was go live

Us: See y 2morrow prob. Gotta go

Nathan: K