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Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Metaphysics of Mind

On March 6-8, 2009 there will be a graduate student conference on The Metaphysics of Mind here at University of Missouri, St. Louis. The keynote speaker is Terry Horgan (Arizona). Here is a tentative program:

Friday Night—March 6th

1) Terry Horgan (University of Arizona), "Updating the Agenda for the Metaphysics of Mind"

Saturday—March 7th

1) Sara Bernstein (University of Arizona/MIT), "Overdetermination Problems"

2) Kevin Morris (Brown University), "Reductive Explanation in Two Models of Reduction"

3) Carolyn Suchy-Dicey (Boston University), "The Impossibly Small Hard Problem: Subjective Parallelism, Objective Ordinalism"

4) Joe Hedger (Arizona State University), "Is Brooks's Model of Intelligence Scalable to the Level of Human Beings? Some Remarks about his Instrumental AI Approach and Ascription of Intelligence"

5) Markus Kneer (Institut Jean Nicod, Paris / Princeton University), "Imagining being Napoleon"

6) Liz Stillwaggon Swan (State University of New York at Buffalo), "A Structure and Process Account of Consciousness"

Sunday—March 8th

1) Daniel Sportiello (Notre Dame), "Fundamental Confusion"

2) Collin Rice (University of Missouri), "Proxytypes, Compositionality, and Content"

3) Isaac Wiegman (Washington University in St. Louis), "Representation and Explanation in Artificial Neural Networks"

All inquiries regarding the conference may be sent to Nick Baima at

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


David Chalmers has just announced the launch of PhilPapers, which is an impressive bibliographic database of close to 200,000 papers and books in philosophy. The resource was developed by Chalmers and David Bourget, with significant help from Wolfgang Schwartz. Chalmers discusses the features of the new database over at Fragments of Consciousness.