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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Man becomes genius after head injury

Nightline did a feature on our case study, JP, who has acquired synesthesia and savant syndrome video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Poetry Slam

This was one of the syn team's contributions to the poetry slam night at Tucson, 2012

The rave of all conferences (Tucson 2012)

Sitting in the audience, sweating, ice water
in our hands, sweating
boiled blood for later use. The rave
is here. The rave of all conferences
Cactuses and scorpions. The rave
The war
of the world views. The massacre
of consciousness
all over the place,
the rave,
cactuses pricking your mind
pricking, pricking, PRICKING
the rave
The massacre of consciousness, the rave
Deepak Chopra and molecules
David Chalmers and mindfulness
David Copperfield and magic
Dane Cook and mockery
Don Corleone and the mafia
DCs. DCs all over the place. DCs, DCs, DCssss. The rave
Mindfulness, magic, molecules, happy molecules,
Small drops of magic
Mindfulness, molecules, mockery, mafia
Deepak pricking Jesse
unconscious and unattentive
Jesse pricking Bob Kentridge
unconscious and attentive
Attention. Attention. Attention. ATTENTION
of the hospitality suite. Get out
Jesse Prinz! Attention. Attention. The rave.
Rave, magic, mafia:
Out. Out. Out. OUT!
Of the hospitality suite! Out!
The woman, the security guard, the rave
The woman, angry, foaming, red, pricking, like a cactus.
At the Tucson conference, women are more dangerous than shotguns
Pricking. Becoming cactuses. Shutting us out.
There are no worries. Only zombies worry. No worries
The zombies made her an offer she couldn't refuse
We drink
the zombies
We drink
zombie blood
We drink, we speak, we prick, we party
after consciousness.
Zombies party
after the rave
the rave, the cactuses, the shotguns, the zombies, the pricking, the mafia, the molecules
happy molecules, the rave
the rave of all conferences

Evolution in Biology, the Human Sciences and the Humanities, St. Louis April 26-28

I am really looking forward to this conference here in St. Louis, particularly Patricia Churchland's talk on Saturday April 28.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Promotion and First Book

I recently received two pieces of good news. I got the promotion to full professor and my first book Transient Truths is out with Oxford University Press.