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Thursday, October 11, 2007

More Pics from the Lewis Conference

Just got back from the Lewis conference in Copenhagen and the Rutgers Semantics Workshop. Both formidable events! Joe already commented on the former. And I will say more about the latter in a later post. For now more pics from the Lewis conference (thanks Vincent!).

The Little Mermaid, Johan van Bentham, John Symons, and Vincent Hendricks.

Mermaid, Johan, John and Vincent just seconds before one of them fell in the water (and no, I am not telling you who)

Johan and John in the sunset (Johan's shoes look wet)

Johan van Bentham: "Arrrg, counterpossibles are vacuously true"

Says who?

Audience. Foreground: Al Hajek (skeptical) and Hannes Leitgeb (amused)

Laurie Paul trumping

Audience and projector

John Collins and Laurie recovering from pneumonia

Allesandro Torza and Pelle Guldborg Hansen. Pelle: "I know why you guys are driving on the left"

Al and John. John: "Al, that's not the snaps glass"

Stephie Lewis and John Cantwell: "No, we didn't empty that bottle of snaps all by ourselves"

Me, tongue-in-cheek

Joe Salerno, tongue-in-cheek

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