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Saturday, September 01, 2007


At least I wasn't driving. Joe, Bill and Dave seemed more comfortable on the left. I probably should have stood up for the world's female drivers but that didn't happen. Oh, well. Sydney was fun. My first time there (except for the airport, but that doesn't count). Went to one and a quarter conferences. First the expressivism conference, then the moral cognition conference. Many excellent papers and fun times. Some of them:

Rae Langton and Simon Blackburn. Simon: "Excellent point, Rae!"

Lunch (David Chalmers, Rae, Simon and Peter Lewis (far right))

Allan Gibbard: "Here is how to express expressivism".

Alexis Burgess: "It is not the case that Santa and Rudolph do not exist"

Uriah Kriegel and Luca Moretti. Uriah: "I am looking for something that does not exist, dammit"

Jamie Dreier: "You see, creeping minimalism likes to hit and then it tries to hide"

Dave: "I think I know how to teletransport this glass of wine into Facebook ... Where is my Palm Pilot?"

Becky and I. Me: "Oh man, this article is hard". Becky: "Yeah, I read it during naptime"

Amie Thomasson: "Worlds: who needs 'em?"

Indian food and philosophy: a happy mix

Rachael Briggs and Dave. Rachael: "Help, the curry bowl keeps toppling over".

Adina Roskies and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong. Walter: "I didn't do it"

Joe Salerno: "Curry bowls are fun!"

Amie and Rachael in the wee hours

For more conference photos click here (Joe Salerno) or here (Dave Chalmers).

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