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Friday, July 20, 2007

The Reasoner 1 (4)

The Reasoner Volume 1, Number 4 - August 2007

Table of Contents
1. Editorial - David Corfield
2. Interview with Brendan Larvor - David Corfield
3. Conceivability, Possibility, and Counterexamples - Anand Jayprakash Vaidya
4. A Counterfactual Account of Essence - Berit Brogaard and Joe Salerno
5. Knowledge, Truth and Justification in Legal Fact Finding - Déirdre M. Dwyer
6. The Principle of Agreement - John L. Pollock
7. A Note on Kripke's Puzzle about Belief - Cristian Constantinescu


Robbie said...

Brit: the moving-snowflake backdrop to Lemmings hurts so bad...

Any way to remove it from the rotation?

Brit Brogaard said...

Just testing some things. It will be gone soon. I promise.

Robbie said...

It's all very fancy and impressive! It's just that particular one definitely leads to headaches...

Brit Brogaard said...

No more headaches, I hope :-)