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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Women Read Philosophy and Drink Syrah

Hat tip from Language Log:

The Microsoft adCenter Labs' "Demographic Prediction" tool allows you to "use adCenter technology to predict a customer's age, gender, and other demographic information according to his or her online behavior -- that is, from search queries and webpage views." Interestingly, it predicts that 69% of those who search for or read philosophy sites are females!

Here are some other interesting results:

Mathematics: 57% females
Science: 59% females
Physics: 54% females
Literature: 68% females
Syrah: 57% females

Weapons: 58% males
Guns: 63% males
War: 57% males
Race cars: 73% males
Beer: 56% males


adam_taylor said...

Brit, these numbers are clearly incorrect. Think about it, only 56% of people googling for beer are male? I suspect that number must be a much higher, pewrhaps upwards of 100%. just kidding.

Bean said...

Having read this, I now feel a bit silly about the comment I just left on the "Women in Academia" post. I guess they are showing plenty of interest after all. Ah well, it never hurts to be proved wrong.

Brit said...

They just get lost in the system --somehow.