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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Non-Plagiarized Term Papers for Sale (Salerno)

From this NYT article one learns that Term Paper Relief has the highest moral standard in the business of writing terms papers. At a bargain rate of $9.95 per page they promise a product that is "completely non-plagiarized". This must be a great relief to their customers.


adam_taylor said...


Is it wrong that I wish I had $400.00 laying around, just so I could see how clumsily they would
meander through an article length paper on perdurantism?

Kenny said...

I saw an ad for a service like this in my gmail once. I noticed that they had higher charges for rush orders, which it turns out meant three days or less!

And they claim that they do the research for you too!

Anonymous said...

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kevin smith said...
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