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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


For the next few days I will be at Syracuse giving a talk. Lemmings will be fairly quiet during that time.


Aidan said...

Man, that's one long talk!

Anonymous said...

Question: In the "retraction problem," I get a hunch that the following might better represent a contextual exchange (roles of you and me reversed):

You: ...So, you see, I'm not *sure* that my car is in the driveway.

Me: But a few hours ago you said you knew it was there.

You: I *might have been wrong*. I didn't know *for sure*.

In this revised example, you don't mean different things by know (according to contextualism) but you tack on a quantity of "sureness."

Or does this revision only highlight the involvement of a "judge parameter"?

Brit Brogaard said...

Aidan: Yeah, I was considering giving people a 5-min break after the first two days but decided against it.

Jared: yes, your example fits the contextualist's purposes better. But the problem is that they cannot (easily) account for the felicity of the other example.