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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Revealed: What Really Went on in Stirling

Joe Salerno reveals: what really went on at the Epistemic Value conference in Stirling last week.


Bean said...

Fascinating. Philosophers are a somewhat odd group when they all get together. A friend of mine asked me the question - what is the name for a group of philosophers? He had a few hilarious suggestions. Brit you have an extensive knowledge of language. What would your answer be?

Note: I often lurk around and read all your entries but I have been too nervous until now to comment :)

brit said...

Hi Bean,

I call them moral contextualists. Click here.

Aidan said...

I'm not sure about philsophers, but we seem to be stuck with a 'sequitur' of logicians:

Brit said...

Here is the "TV-dinner version" of Aidan's link.

Aidan said...

Hmm, it is probably about time I learned how to put hyperlinks into comments, isn't it?

Ok, after about 9 months of using Blogger, I think I may have finally got the hang of this.