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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Lemmings Suicide Myth

Did you think that Lemmings deliberately run over cliffs "in their millions, to be dashed to their deaths on the rocks below" or did you think that Lemmings are "crowds of [philosophers] who foolishly follow each other, lemming-like, regardless of the consequences"? Well, think again.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You know what, I was looking for the story of the Lemmings, that was given to me and my fellow students in 7th grade. It was quite an interesting story to say the least! But of course, to my surprise, while looking for this story to share, pass on to my kids(the kids I work with after school) to teach them something about following a crowd, just as it was taught to me! of course it turns up- that in fact was a lie, a myth, whatever! Ok, so maybe it wasn't true, but it did help teach a valuable lesson, why can't we just leave well enough alone? Do we always have to rip things apart? Now I can't even find the darn "myth" to read to my kids! I would still like to tell them the story, not in my own words, but hand out the story, like my teacher did way back in 7th grade. I then would tell them it is a myth, with much disappointment! I can't believe it is not a true story, and I am just learning it now! That's all the more reason why I wish I didn't learn it was not true, its not as effective of a story!