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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Deep Thought: For Men Only?

Julie Van Camp has an interesting paper posted on the issue of "why women are not represented in much greater numbers in philosophy" and whether anyone cares. Click here.


CK said...

Well, I can't weigh in on the issue except from a personal level (not having much knowledge about the workings of PhD programs, tenure etc).

From the perspective of a female philosophy student, it's discouraging to find comments like those on this blog. The student is looking for potential PhD programs and, having listed U Chicago, is told by another (male) philosophy student that he will be "(intellectually?) sodomized" by Nussbaum.

I found it both sad and ironic. Sad for obvious reasons. Ironic, since Nussbaum has done much work in talking about the fear of sodomy in straight men as motivation for homophobia.

Hope the comment isn't too off topic. I just doubt that this sort of attitude is as legitimate against male philosophers. I'm not saying misogyny is pervasive, simply that the women who do get positions of tenure don't seem to get the respect that a man would, in the same position.

Brit Brogaard said...

I think it is right on topic. On a related issue: one female friend of mine, who is now an associate professor of philosophy, told me that when she was an assistant professor she made less than most of the other assistant professors in her department, in spite of the fact that she published in better places.