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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Around the Blogosphere

Over at Majikthise Lindsay Beyerstein reports from the BlogHer conference. Click here.

As Brian points out, Philosophy Talk currently features a panel discussion recorded at the Pacific APA. Panellists were Liz Harman, Sean Kelly, and Brian. Read Brian's post here.

Joe has posted an interesting post on Church's Solution to the Knowability Paradox over at Knowability.

Greg Restall answers ten questions about books over at

Dave reports from the Time and Consciousness conference in Sydney. Click here.

Carrie offers interesting reflections on a priori knowledge. Click here and here.

Eric Schwitzgebel has posted an interesting post about depression and philosophy.

Matt Weiner is reflecting on an odd conditional over at Opiniatrety.

Aidan McGlynn is reflecting on Mark Sainsbury's case against the Millian over at the Boundaries of Language.

For "philosophy of art-ists": Philosophy of Art is well worth checking out.

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