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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hutchinson Wins Marijuana Battle

Professor Doug Hutchinson who teaches ancient Greek philosophy at The University of Toronto has been fighting college officials for more than a year.

The battle has been over whether Hutchinson has a right to smoke marijuana in his office on campus. Hutchinson depends on marijuana to alleviate pain from an undisclosed medical condition, and for years he secretly smoked up to 10 joints a day in his office. But last year he was caught when colleagues complained about the smell.

After multiple cease-and-desist orders with morally judgmental content and a clearance from Health Canada, college provost Margaret MacMillan finally gave in and granted Hutchinson his own room in the basement of the college.

Hutchinson is relieved that the process is over and said that the process has relit his activism for people's right to use marijuana.

(Via The Gazette and


Julien said...

Very good indeed!

This couldn't happen in Italy. Nor in the States, I guess.

I read the post and came across once more into Tim W's photograph below... then I couldn't avoid starting to think about a possible world in which Tim secretly smokes up to 10 joints per day in his office in Oxford...


Mike said...

Guy's got to be giggling all day.

Julien said...


Anonymous said...

Can't believe they could attach a condition that he keep his mouth shut. Guess the rest of us have to just talk louder, then? If they shut everyone up, one by one, with the same deal, everyone's happy. . .