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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Go Cards!

The religious fervor of the fans of the St. Louis Cardinals has taken to the streets, and basically a lot of people in this town are just plain drunk. Please stay off the roads!


Adam Arico said...

meanwhile, the rest of us cards fans, scattered across the globe, are forced to celebrate in lonely, drunken solitude. Here's to the Cardinals.

Let's go Redbirds!

CK said...

I was hoping they'd lose just so I don't have to hear about the World Series every day.

There is no place for a non-Cards fan (and baseball agnostic) to go in this town.

(I know, I know...bah, humbug)

luvell anderson said...

hey Brit,

i'm in the heart of met (a.k.a. 'pond scum')country so my celebration of the cards has to be a bit low-key.

cheers to the nlcs champs!

Brit Brogaard said...

I am glad to hear that all you distant and soon-to-be distant cards fans and agnostics haven't forgotten about your home team :-)

adam_taylor said...

Rob Earle and I, nestled in the bosom of Mets fandom, had nowhere to go but the back porch to drink beer and rejoice at the Cardinals unlikely success.

Ah to be in St. Louis in Autumn, sipping a Shlafly Hefe Weissen at Krieger's or Cicero's watching Aaron Heilman do his Sam "Mayday" Malone impression.

Go Cardinals!