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Sunday, March 02, 2014

Journal gibberish

Scientific journal publishers Springer and IEEE are removing more than 120 published papers after French computer scientist Cyril Labbé discovered that they were nothing but computer-generated gobbledygook--scams ending up getting published in peer-reviewed journals. Here is an example of an abstract for a paper entitled "TIC: a methodology for the construction of e-commerce":
In recent years, much research has been devoted to the construction of public-private key pairs; on the other hand, few have synthesized the visualization of the producer-consumer problem. Given the current status of efficient archetypes, leading analysts famously desires the emulation of congestion control, which embodies the key principles of hardware and architecture. In our research, we concentrate our efforts on disproving that spreadsheets can be made knowledge-based, empathic, and compact.
The papers were generated by the MIT program SCIgen for the purposes of showing that nonsense gets past reviewers, journal editors and production editors (presumably) unseen. Hopefully this could not happen in philosophy. Maybe we should put it to a test.


TParent said...

wow, a super-sized Sokal hoax...

Anonymous said...

Wish you were brave enough to post this: