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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Talk on Mathematical Savants on Thursday

I am giving a talk on Thursday on mathematical savantism. Feel free to stop by if you are in the St. Louis area. Here is the info (from the center):

"On Thursday March 15, Center member Prof. Berit Brogaard will give a special colloquium jointly sponsored by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and the Center for Neurodynamics. Please join us at 3 pm in 302 Express Scripts Hall (coffee & cookies available before at 2:30) to hear about Prof. Brogaard's brain imaging studies of a mathematical savant. Her talk will explore the boundaries between neuroscience, mathematics, and the philosophy of mind."


Catarina said...

Oh, I would have LOVED to attend this talk! Any chance you might share the slides or something like that?

Brit Brogaard said...

Thanks Catarina. I can't make them public yet. But I will be happy to email them to you.