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Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Epistemology of Perception

I recently guest-edited a volume of Philosophical Issues on the epistemology of perception. It just came out in print. Contributors include: Roger Albritton (hitherto unpublished paper), Louise Antony, Berit Brogaard, Tony Brueckner, Benj Hellie, Mark Johnston, Mark Kalderon, Uriah Kriegel, Heather Logue, Jack Lyons, Farid Masrour, Alan Millar, Martine Nida-Ruemelin, Adam Pautz, Duncan Pritchard, Roy Sorensen, David Sosa, Matthew Soteriou, Charles Travis, Brian Cutter and Michael Tye.


Clayton said...

Hi Brit,

I just saw this a few days ago and downloaded a slew of the papers. Nice collection! Particularly looking forward to Albritton's paper.

Brit Brogaard said...

Thanks, Clayton. I am very happy we were able to include the Albritton paper.