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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Philosophy and Psychology Courses Spring 2011

Here is the list of courses I will be teaching/involved in for Spring 2011. I will also be the graduate director of philosophy, starting January 2011, and I will continue my board membership on the gender studies program. So, feel free to come to my office to talk to me about these courses. We are still deciding on the readings. The sexual ethics course is only open to undergraduate students for credit. Some graduate students have expressed interest in sitting in on it. You are very welcome to do that.

1. Sexual Ethics (Big lecture course, freshmen and sophomore, GEN ED, cross-listed with the gender studies program)

2. Virtue Epistemology (upper-level undergraduate and graduate course in philosophy)

3. Biological Bases of Behavior (graduate course in neuropsychology)


Virtuous Epistemologist said...

Hi Professor Brogaard,
I'm not a potential student, but I enjoy your blog and noticed that you're teaching a virtue epistemology course next semester. My AOS is epistemology, but no one in my department really works in this subfield, so my study of it has been almost entirely independent, reading Ernest Sosa's two books from his Locke lectures on my own. Can you recommend a general source on the topic? I would be particularly interested in places where there is a strong critical reaction against virtue epistemology, since I feel myself slipping into an uncritical acceptance. Thanks so much!

Brit Brogaard said...

Hi there,
There are still not a whole lot of books out there that are critical of virtue epistemology. But John Greco and John Turri are putting together an MIT Reader that will contain published papers on virtue epistemology, including some critical ones. I believe it will be out in the spring.

Another book worth reading is John Greco's Achieving Knowledge. He defends a version of virtue epistemology but also covers problems with other approaches.

Hope this helps.

Virtuous Epistemologist said...

Great, thanks so much!