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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Greetings from the Northern Hemisphere

Alright, so happy new year everyone! Just returned (to somewhere in Jersey) from an intense meeting in Baltimore. Met up with old friends and gave a talk on quantifiers (will get the paper up soon). Jason offered some really nice comments. Party last night in Baltimore. Had too many cups of Henry's imported whiskey and left the room without my cell phone. Did you ever see Curious George -- the cartoon? The man with the yellow hat hides George in his no-pet-policy apartment but the door-man has a nose for monkeys and rides the elevator one floor at a time 'til he finds the monkey-contaminated apartment. That was me. Had already gotten down to the lobby-level and had no idea which room the party was in. Couldn't call anyone. Wanted my cell phone back. So, I went from floor to floor. Found a room with loud music and philosophy-talk (or so I thought). Wrong one. Found another one. Got it right this time around. Got my cell phone. Oh man, was I hung-over the next day (the day of my talk, of course). Anyway, that's life. Now back in Jersey, working. Some side-trips to Arizona and some other places soon. New Year's eve -- oh, well -- had to miss out on Dave's cool pool party at his new house in the woods. Attended some sleazy east coast party instead. Anyway, happy happy new year everyone. And all you Canberra friends, hang in there, we will be back soon :-)


The Brooks Blog said...

It was great to see you at the Eastern, Brit...and glad to hear you were able to recover your cell phone! What made you think loud noises could possibly be coming from a room full of philosophers...?

Brit said...

Great to see you too!!! Here's a little secret: philosophers at APA meetings tend to make incredibly loud noises. In fact, they tend to behave like monkeys in various respects (which I won't outline in further detail). The whiskey was really nice, though.

The Brooks Blog said...

Like monkeys? You must mean the ones still able to walk...

Glad to hear the whiskey was nice: if only that was on hand at the smoker...