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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Inside a Zombie's Brow

Song by V. Alan White, inspired by the work of David Chalmers (via Leiter).


Alan said...

Hahaha!! Thank you so much Brit for posting this! Now I know why the video won an award--in the top 100 music videos from Canada viewed this week!!! (It was posted by Jason, a Canadian systems analyst interested in philosophy.) I love strong claims based on overly restricted scope! My faculty activity report this year will proudly report that I beat out two videos by Bon Jovi, who was recorded singing in Calgary! And isn't that Alan there with David on the beach? (He has his own song dedication, y'know!)

Thanks a bunch--if I can ever get the hang of linguistics and epistemology, there may be a new BRIT-ish invasion on the philosophical-song landscape!

Brit said...

In the top 100 music videos from Canada viewed this week!! That's fantastic.