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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Number of Women in Philosophy Not Increasing

For a while we thought the number of women in philosophy was increasing. The reason we thought this was that 33.3% of women received a Ph.D. in philosophy in 2004. This number was an all time high. Unfortunately, this increase in female Ph.D.s was not indicative of a trend. As Evelyn Brister reports here, the figures for 2005 and 2006, which are now available from SED, are a lot smaller:

2006: 28.6
2005: 25.1
2004: 33.3
2003: 27.1
2002: 25.3
2001: 25.2
2000: 28.4
1999: 24.8
1998: 29.4
1997: 26.0

The figure for 2005 was the second-lowest in 9 years; and, as Evelyn remarks, the new figures indicate that women currently earn only about 27% of the Ph.D.s awarded in philosophy. This figure has remained relatively stable since 1991.

Evelyn also suggests in a separate post that the APA should take the lead in addressing issues pertaining to the underrepresentation of women in philosophy.

1 comment:

Jim Bob said...

Is this really surprising? Women are constantly being hit on, harassed and humiliated by male colleagues and mentors. If they respond positively to this kind of attention, they are sluts, and if they don't, they are not given the opportunities and breaks that the men typically get.

Come on people, wake up. Sexism is still alive and well in our field.