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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Pics from St. Andrews

Elizabeth Barnes has put some great photos from the St. Andrews adjectives conference and the metaphysics conference preceding it online. However, I think I remember people's "reactions to relativism" slightly differently. Re-interpretation:

Ross Cameron and Robbie Williams' reactions to the lack of metaphysics at the adjectives conference.

... and Jason Stanley's rejoinder. Ross wonders whether he went too far. Chris Kennedy and John Hawthorne execute their rights to remain silent.

Peter Ludlow, giving Jason the stare-down stink eye. Robbie, trying to keep his cool.

Jonathan Schaffer: "Robbie, don't you know how big contrastivism is going to be in a few years?!" [Robbie, smiling knowingly. Ross, showing signs of skepticism].

John Hawthorne at 2AM: "Arrrggg, I am on the program at 9 AM in the morning, and I still haven't worked out what to say."

Jonathan and I, illustrating the size of the claws of Australian Magpies.

Breakfast: Ross' reaction to White Pudding.


Robbie said...

Though to be fair I had a similar reaction to the lack of adjectives at the metaphysics conference...

Ross Cameron said...