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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Two New Danish Blogs

... new to me anyway. One is Anders Schoubye's -- a blog which has actually been around since 2002 (long before I started mine). Anders was just accepted as a graduate student at UCLA and is interested in definite descriptions, presupposition-failure and other exciting topics. The other is Klemens Kappel's Klemens Kappel's Blog (very fitting name!). Klemens is an associate professor at University of Copenhagen. Unfortunately (for you English-speaking (only) readers), the language of Klemens' blog is Danish. So, you (English-speaking readers) will have to wait for my occasional reports. Anyway, in spite of the fact that both of these topnotch philosophers are Danish, I have never had a beer with them in Copenhagen (likely explanation: it's 11 years -- yes, 11 years -- since I left the country). Actually, I never met Anders (but I am looking forward to meeting him at the Aberdeen epistemology conference in May, which he has promised to show up for!). I know Klemens from conferences, and he is definitely one of my favorite epistemologists. Hopefully, I will bump into him again soon.


Anders said...

Hi Brit,

Thanks for mentioning my blog. I will do my best to attend the conference in May ;).

Btw. we did meet, only very briefly. I attended the conference in Copenhagen this fall, where Joe gave his talk on Knowability Noir and you gave a talk on a perspectival semantics for 'know'. Clearly, I should try harder to stand out from the crowd ;).

Brit Brogaard said...

Or maybe I should brush up on my memory skills :-)